Information about cookies

Information about cookies

A cookie is a small file downloaded in the user's device when accessing certain web pages to store and retrieve information about web browsing from the user's device.

Among other things, cookies allow our web site to keep users logged in, to identify those pages they visited and to offer a better web browsing experience. The use of cookies does not allow to identify the user, so that web browsing is always anonymous.

The user can configurate the browser in order to reject the use of cookies, in which case it won't be possible to customize web contents (such as writing a review of an establishment or a dish, save an establishment in your Favourites, etc.)

There are two ways to accept the use of cookies in either clicking on "Accept" on the bar which notifies you when a cookie is set or keeping browsing the site after having accessed the site for the first time. In both cases the acceptance of cookies is assumed. If the user wishes to reject the storage of cookies by (under the understanding and acceptance of the browsing limitations involved) cookies must be completely turned off. You will find more information on the subject at the following link:

Information about how to turn off cookies in your browser:

The technical cookies we use

Name cb_enabled
Purpose To know if the user has accepted cookies by clicking on the button "Accept" of the cookie notification.
Duration Expires immediatly.
Name miratucarta_session
Purpose Keep user logged in.
Duration 2 hours. It updates if the user keeps browsing.

Third-party cookies (they are stored only if the user explicitly accepts the use of cookies)

Name _ga
Purpose Google Analytics cookies. They are used to distinguish between users.
Duration 2 years.
Name _gat
Purpose Google Analytics cookie. It is used to limit the percentage of requests.
Duration 10 minutes.
Name fbsr_*
Purpose Facebook cookie. It enables registration and logging from Facebook.
Duration 1 hour.