Reasons to subscribe

Just because running a business is not easy, we want to help you.

Appearing in our website means having powerful tools and the chance to make your restaurant known. You can rely on our experience to make things easier for you.

FAQ I want to subscribe

Acquire more customers.

It enables us to attract new customers through our website and to gain the loyalty of those we already have through promotions and social networks.

Make your business known.

Thanks to interactivity between the system and our customers, as the web platform allows them to share information about our establishment in their social networks and WhatsApp.

Easy, fast and efficient centralisation and maintenance.

Because you can create news and promotions from our web platform and share it in your social networks and WhatsApp. You can do all this in a very simple way, so you can save time not having to post the same promotion in every social network. From "Mira Tu Carta" to the rest of the world!

Easy to handle, easy to start up.

Thanks to its Plug-and-Play design, the only thing you have to do is subscribe to our web platform, customize your menu and establishment details. It is as easy as filling a form. In a few minutes everyone will be able to see what you want to offer.

Considerable cost savings. Getting your menu printed is very expensive and prices are constantly changing.

It is a fast-moving market and we have to adapt to changing times. If we want to stay up to date we should be constantly reprinting our menus every time we add a dish or we want to change a price. All these costs could be saved thanks to our system. One more thing: you can also print your menu from the platform if you wish.1

You can save time when managing your gastronomic offer.

Because we can add a new dish or item and it is very easy to add or modify information about it. We can also add or change pictures or even hide an item if we have decided, for any reason, that we don't want it to appear in our menu.

Ease of use for users.

Whenever users are in your establishment they only have to make use of your WiFi network to receive your updated information without the user having to do anything. When users acess from the outside the establishment, they will be shown the establishments sorted by distance. This way you will get a great chance to attract customers as your potential customers are likely to visit your establishment.

Attracting international customers.

All the information in our platform is automatically translated to the language of the main tourtists who visit our country.

Completamente gratis.

Y todo esto sin coste de renovación ni letra pequeña.

1 Available feature for premium users.